house points

At Bowling Green, we are very proud of our house points system, whereby each child is allocated to one of the four houses (Ainley, Krumlin, Pennine and Scammonden).


Children are then awarded house points for a range of reasons, from academic achievement and progress, effort and attainment, behaviour and manners, helpfulness, home learning projects and representing school in sporting or their conduct in other off-site activities. In addition to this, we run house competitions throughout the year, designed and implemented by the house captains.


The house captains are made up of Year 6 children who, at the start of the year in September, must write and present a speech to the entire school, stating why they feel they would be a good choice as house captain. This is then followed by a secret vote in each house and the winning captains are responsible for motivating their house to victory.


In the past, we have held handwriting competitions, times table challenges, poetry and short story writing as well as sporting events; the spread of activities is to ensure that all children can participate and have the chance to shine and earn points for their house.


House points are read out in every Friday afternoon assembly, where a competitive rivalry (in the right spirit) develops. At the end of the year, the winning house is awarded the house trophy as well as a special treat to reward their endeavour (last year, Scammonden were the winning house and all the children enjoyed a morning at PlayWorld. The year before, Ainley spent the morning at Electric Bowl in Halifax).