Here at Bowling Green, we have a very dedicated, talented and professional team of staff - all of whom share our collective vision of ensuring every child has the best possible experiences during their time with us. 

Leadership team

Headteacher - Mr Chris Booth


Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Allison Deighton


SENCO - Mrs Samantha Whitwam


Reception Staff

Miss Mary Baxter - Class Teacher


Mrs Fiona Fox - Teaching Support Assistant


Mrs Marie Hoyle - Teaching Support Assistant


Mrs Carolyn Holdsworth - Teaching Assistant


Ms Ruth Eatherley - Teaching Assistant


Miss Katie Fenton - Teaching Support Assistant


KEy stage 1 staff

Mrs Samantha Whitwam - Class Teacher (Year 1)


Miss Hannah Bianchi - Class Teacher (Year 2)


Miss Michaela Robinson - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Dionne Doyne - Teaching Assistant


Ms Ruth Eatherley - Teaching Assistant 



Mrs Jacky Fletcher - Caretaker


Mrs Jane Noble - Assistant Caretaker


KEy stage 2 staff

Miss Frances McGowan - Class Teacher (Year 3/4)


Miss Alex Bradley - Class Teacher (Year 4/5)


Mrs Allison Deighton - Class Teacher (Y5/6)


Ms Ruth Eatherley - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Debbie Holgate - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Tracey Knight - Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Annie Kinsella (Maternity Leave)


Mrs Sarah Austin-Scott - Supply cover


Mr Jamie Sykes - PE instructor


administrative STAFF

Mrs Jayne McDermott - School Administrator


Mrs Tracey Knight - Assistant School Administrator


Mrs Carolyn Holdsworth - Assistant School Administrator



Mrs Christine Knowles - Senior Dining Room Assistant


Mrs Jane Noble - Dining Room Assistant 



Miss Corrie Hatzer (Senior Midday Supervisor)


Mrs Jacky Fletcher


Ms Tracey Stephenson


Mrs Nadine Demaine


Miss Jayne Waddington