Admissions to reception

Children are admitted to school at the beginning of the school year in September.


Admissions to the school are administered by Calderdale Local Authority and the number of reception children admitted to our school each year is 23.


Information on admission to our school can be found on the Calderdale Local Authority website. Please click the links below to find information on the following:


If you wish your child to attend Bowling Green School then we ask that you register your interest by contacting the school office. Calderdale application packs are sent to all registered parents at the end of the year before your child is due to start school.

Places are notified by Calderdale Local Authority.


In-year transfers

In the Elland cluster of schools, we operate a BAC (behaviour and attendance collective) approach; you must complete an in-year transfer which is submitted to Calderdale and will then come to a panel of Headteachers.

More information can be found at: