New homework will be uploaded to this page every Tuesday. Children will be sent home with a book to complete this work in, please do not return this book to school.  

You are welcome to send photos and emails updating me with how your child is doing with their homework on h.bianchi@bowlinggreen.calderdale.sch.uk


TT Rockstars

Children have now been sent home with their own TT Rockstars log on. Practicing timetables frequently on this app will really help your child with their maths!

 Maths homework Year 2 19.10.2020.docxDownload
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 Year 2 addition & subraction home learning booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 2 White Rose Hub Place Value Booklet.pdfDownload
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This week children will be assessed to see which RWI book level they are currently at. Once these assessments have been completed your child will begin to bring home RWI books.

Please do not panic if your child has moved reading bands, we are aware that this will be the case for many children and will be working hard to boost the children where needed.  

Children will also have access to library books, these will be sent out on a Wednesday and are due to return on a Monday. These books are intended to help promote a love of reading with the children. Please take the time to share this story with your child and help us create a passion for books!


Below are some ideas of things you can do at home with your child to help them with their learning in Year 2.


In Year 2 we are now beginning to use cursive handwriting. Below are some sheets that will help you practise this at home with your child.

 Cursive letter formation pack.pdfDownload
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Below are the common exception words for KS1. Exception words are words in which the English spelling code works in an unusual or uncommon way. Children would really benefit from practising reading and spelling these words frequently at home.