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 Hello Year 5, remember to keep in touch and let me know how you are. This week I have based the English work on a short video clip called The Alchemist's Letter. There is a video clip to watch and lots of interesting  tasks to do.  You will also find daily maths and spellings as usual. I have included some science work and French too. Please keep on learning your times tables and reading daily. If you need help or want to send me pictures of your work do not hesitate to email me at  I am available each week day from 9 am until 3 pm.

 Please remember to keep in touch each week and send pictures of things you have been enjoying doing throughout the week.


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Daily maths tasks

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Spelling Shed

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Group 1 - your spelling list this week is list 27


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British Birds - science

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Using the power point and internet choose several birds to make a fact file about and include pictures, photographs and information.

The Alchemist's Letter - English tasks

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Geography - Italy

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 It is a particularly difficult time at the moment being away from family and friends and trying to learn in a completely new way so remember its ok not to feel ok. The best way to overcome these feelings is to talk about it, get plenty of sleep and get regular exercise. If you are struggling remember to share your feelings as lots of people are feeling the same way. I have included some information below for adults and activities for pupils to complete.


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