Below is some of the amazing work which you have all done.  I have included videos separately and then pictures and posters in a separate document.



Hi Year 6.  Believe it or not but this week you would have been taking your SATs.  For a bit of fun, I have found some SATs papers called 'Silly SATs'.  So I thought you could have a go at these.  Now when it is SATs week, you do one paper per day and then other activities during the afternoon etc. but you might need more to do at the moment so I have uploaded additional work. I will upload an activity, linked to the bbc bitesize work (or other if I see something I prefer) and also the White Rose Maths - the topics have been matched up this week.  One of the attachments contains the video links if you are getting stuck.  The English this week, I am taking from the Oak National Academy and it is based upon how to tackle Reading Comprehension.  If you only have time to complete the SATs papers that's fine.   

In the topic this week, I will include a range of different tasks and activities for different subjects for you to have a go at.


If you do need any help with anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me on: 


Oak National Academy:


 BBC online lesson and activities:


White Rose Maths Worksheets and Video Links

There are only 4 days of activities.  The fifth day should follow the BBC Bitesize activities.

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These activities and the White Rose all link to the same objective.    These are taken from the BBC Bitezize page:


FRIDAY 22.5.20 - complete the challenges:

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