Year 6 Home Learning

TOPIC WORK: Just a selection of some of the wonderful work you have all been up to!

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Dear Parent / Carer,

I hope everyone's first week of home-learning went well and you all managed to enjoy the brilliant weather too. I have been so impressed with the work I have received this week and will update the website shortly to show off all the fabulous work the children have been doing. Thank you everyone and continue to keep safe, Mrs Kinsella. 

I have attached a timetable which gives a rough guide as to how to structure the day, whilst schooling at home.  Scroll down and you will find the recommended work under the headings: Maths, English and Topic. You should be able to download all of these documents however if you struggle or need help with anything during the school day please do not hesitate to contact me: 

9: 00 – Times tables: I have attached a timestable rock star sheet. Children usually have 3m 30 to complete the sheet to a rock song of your choice. The aim is to get quicker each day, whilst maintaining correct answers. All children in Year 6 should know their times tables up to 12X in and out of order.

Maths: Begin by using the flashback PP to revise prior learning. The children should aim to do an arithmetic paper a day using the following link:

Children can access reasoning skills daily (with answers) at White Rose (our school scheme of work for maths):   To find the appropriate work, please click on Home Learning year 6.

10: 30 – Spellings: I have attached the entire Year 6 spelling scheme which includes puzzles and games as a PP. Choose a sheet to begin on that your child needs more practise with. Spend about 15 minutes on spellings.

English: see attached dated documents. I will try to vary between reading comprehension and writing tasks.

13:00 – Our topic this half-term (and next) is The Romans. I will try to include a range of activities that your child can choose from. Our science topic is Evolution.

14:00 – Use this time to read with your child. It is really important that your child is reading independently each day but that they also share in their love of reading with an adult. We still have story time in Year 6 and the children love it!

The below websites offer alternative things to discover during the afternoon slot that your child may be interested in:

Please also find further useful websites below for help with day to day learning:



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