Below is some of the amazing work which you have all done.  I have included videos separately and then pictures and posters in a separate document.


Hi Year 6. 

The following work is for Group 2 / Bubble C and Group 1/ Bubble F - remember to complete just the days you are NOT in school as we will also use this resource in school for continuity

 This week you have some maths, English and science work and an assortment of activities in the topic work.


If you do need any help with anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me on: 

 Please follow Oak National Academy for daily English lessons on instructions:


 For maths please use BBC online lesson and activities:



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Science - Lifecycles

 Insect Life Cycle.pdfDownload
 Non Flowering Life Cycle.pdfDownload
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Follow daily lessons on:



P.E activities

 PE for home learning.docxDownload
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