Our Governing bodY

Mr rob aitchison
(Co-Chair OF GOVERNORS AND co-opted)

Term of office: 23rd September 2016 - 22nd September 2020


MRS patricia Stuart
(CO-CHAIR OF GOVERNORS, local authority and safeguarding governor)

Term of office: 11th May 2017  - 10th May 2021


Mr Jonathan ring
(VICE chair of governors AND CO-OPTED)

Term of office: 23rd September 2016 - 22nd September 2020


Mr paul miller

Term of office: 13th November 2017 - 12th November 2021


Mrs linda furness 

Term of office: 27th January 2019 - 26th January 2023


(staff GOVERNOR)

Term of office: 12th March 2019 - 11th March 2023


Term of office: 20th April 2017 - 19th April 2021

Term of office: 21st October 2019 - 20th October 2023



                                          (PARENT GOVERNOR)

Term of office: 19th October 2019 - 18th October 2023



The Role of the Governing Body

The governing body in school are to carry out their functions with the aim of taking a largely strategic role in the running of the school and its improvement. This includes setting up a strategic framework for the school, setting its aims and objectives, setting policies and targets for achieving the objectives, reviewing progress and reviewing the strategic framework in light of progress made.

The governing body should act as a 'critical friend' to the Headteacher and staff by providing advice and support as well as challenge.


The School Governance (constitution) (England) Regulations 2012

The regulations on reconstitution, which came into force in September 2012, provide for Governing Bodies to change their makeup as follows:

A minimum of seven governors, comprising

  • The headteachers (provided they choose to be on the GB)
  • One elected staff governor
  • At least two elected parent governors
  • One local authority governor, nominated by the local authority and appointed by the Governing Body.

We have two sub-committees, having condensed down from the previous four, based on an extensive skills audit to make use of our members' knowledge and fields of expertise. These committees meet between Full Governing Body meetings and discuss relevant issues, policies and strategic decisions to be made.


The Standards and Effectiveness committee deals with all things to do with school improvement, teaching and learning and achievement of pupils.


  • Patricia Stuart
  • Linda Furness 
  • Jonathan Ring 
  • Hannah Bianchi

Our Resources committee looks at everything else - from finance to health and safety and staff pay and conditions.


  • Linda Furness 
  • Jonathan Ring 
  • Rob Aitchison
  • Paul Miller


Associated classes:

  • Bold Beginnings
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6

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